We ensure your valuables stay valued in transit

Chunic Limited: Your leading partner for efficient cross-border logistics, ensuring swift delivery of goods from abroad to your doorstep in Kenya and across East Africa.
We make it easy for you to find and bring in items from around the world. Whether it’s machinery, electronics, vehicles, or anything else you need, we’re here to connect you to quality products from international suppliers.

Our Couriers

Roll-on/ Roll-off

For specialized cargo like vehicles and heavy machinery, our Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) service ensures seamless transit. Utilizing dedicated vessels, we prioritize safe and efficient transport, meeting unique requirements for oversized or wheeled cargo with precision.

Air Shipping

We ensure swift, reliable air freight by collaborating with major carriers and expert forwarders. Our process involves meticulous booking, documentation, and adherence to security measures, catering especially to industries where speed is paramount

Containerized Shipping

Our containerized shipping solutions offer flexibility and efficiency. In Full Container Load (FCL), we optimize cargo space and ensure compliance, while Less Container Load (LCL) benefits smaller shipments through consolidation centers, providing cost-effective and reliable logistics options.

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